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Club Mondo Sleaze – Ultra Slippery Spring Bash!

March 10. 2015
header_FB_mondosleaze_2015_ig Club Mondo Sleaze is back on Saturday 11.4. at new venue, club Bar Bäkkäri. We are having a bigger & bolder, sleazier & slipperier party ever so far!! And like this wouldn't be enough, we are also celebrating birthday of the one and only, Mama Vixen LouLou D'vil! Club Mondo Sleaze will be sleazed up with our wild and torrid GoGo Vixens Arabellum GoGo and Pernilla Peroxide, House DJ's BigBoz, Lord Fatty and Samurai Timppa who play the music to slip it in for. This time you'll also get to see The Baron performing his hunky strongman act and lots more!! Club Mondo Sleaze 11th of April at 10 pm Venue: Up-stairs of club Bar Bäkkäri | K-18 Tickets: 7 € (on door only) IF WE DON'T HAVE IT, YOU DON'T WANT IT!

GoGo Cowgirl teaser is online!

March 19. 2014
I promised a little tasting of my new act GoGo Cowgirl so here we go! This act is 9 minutes long and now available for bookings.

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