ACTS_stardust Stardust A glamorous combination of classic burlesque and aerial stunts. Duration 5:20 min. LouLou D'vil - iMe Freak Sexy Silk© Welcome to the blingy & cute world of glamorous bunnies and kitties... Duration: 2:50 min. ACTS_feathersnake High Priestess of Feathered Snake© LouLou D’vils masterpiece is full of fierce energy, exotica and eroticsm. An opulent striptease spectacle on a grand scale! This opulent show takes inspiration from Mesoamerican myths and culture. Exquisite costuming, the magnificient priestess’s temple, erotic finale in a real waterfall and LouLou’s captivating & passionate, high energy stage present makes this show truly one of a kind! Duration: 9 min. Suitable only for big stages. Rhinestoned Cowgirl© LouLou D’vil will take you to a different kind of wild west in her erotic cowgirl act. This wild and elegant vintage striptease show with energetic dancing & modern music will make the audiences gasp their breath! Duration: 6 min. Sex On Legs© This is LouLou’s award winning act (Miss Exotic World 2013, BHoF Las Vegas) where she will go back to the era of glamorous Hollywood. This number will dazzle you when she enters on stage wearing her magnificently sparkling gown like no other. She seductively reveals herself layer by layer, revealing her beautiful swarovski chrystals at the end. Duration 5:20 min.
Jada© This act is inspired by world famous burlesque legend Jada from New Orleans. Filled with glamour, ostrich feathers and confrontation between good girl and bad girl. Erotic and fun are the key words and in the finale there's a surprise that will leave everyone smiling for the whole night. Duration: about 5 min.
Sirin - My passion is alive© In this fiery number, based on Russian fairytail, LouLou D’vil will take you to the land of glorious & exotic firebirds. Her majestic plumage glows brightly blazeing red, orange, and yellow light, like a wild bonfire that is just past the turbulent flame. This sensual creature will make the land glow through its elegant but fierce dance. Duration 5:58 min. Tribute to Bettie Page© Neighbour girls and boys gasp their breath when this woman comes on stage. This hot number with bump and grind & shimmy and shake will take you to the time of notorious Bettie Page. This was the era when women seduced and men squeaked! Duration 4:22 min. Magical winter © (Available Dec 1st 2016) Another award winning act (Best Debut 2011, BHoF Las Vegas) by LouLou D'vil. The snow has falled on the ground and the trees have sparkling white outfits. Sky is deep blue and you can feel that there is magic in the air. LouLou D'vil is a classic queen of finnish winter with her long cape and rhinestones that sparkle together with the stars. And she has a surprise under her cape that will melt hearts! Duration 4:00 min.


Poetry of desire© Dark and sexy candle wax art show. Length 6min. It's your birthday!© Who doesn't like cake, especially when it's your birthday...? Sexy fetish flavored balloon pop, champagne and cake play act. Length about 6 min. acts_cake This ain't some pony play Dogs are playful little creatures but let's see what this puppy is after... Fetish act for all playful kinksters! Length 3:50 min. ACTS_doggy Sinister Urge© Strong, fetish flavored act that includes sexy choreography on a vinyl couch and towards the end there's a paint play. Length about 4 min. ACTS_SinisterUrge


Party people!© This fun loving balloon pop act with thrilling hook suspension in the end will get you to the party mood! Length about 4 min. Red Death© Based on the story of Poe this show will take the audience on a chilling trip to the dark side... Length 5min He loves me, he loves me not© Romantic hook suspension show with a flower petal costume. Adjustable length.


ACTS_baronandme3 SKYFALL (Duo act with The Baron of the Universe) Newest collaboration of The Baron and LouLou D'vil. The Baron of the Universe is a Guinness World Record holder, a strongman with World's strongest nipples and he is currently represented in America's got Talent season 11. This show of two legendary performers is fused with bondage art, danger and heaven reaching nipple action. Duration about 7 min. Longer version also available. ACTS_baronandme4 PILLUMINATUS Let us take you to an unforgettable ride to the dark side... This duo act with The Baron combines different fire elements (Fire breathing, body burning, wax play), live piercing and hook suspension to a poetic yet dark story.     Save Save Save Save Save Save Save Save Save

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